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Robert Proctor
 Computer Software
1723 SE 47th Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33904
United States
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239-945-6433  Work
239-839-4904  Cell
239-945-6230  Fax
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Robert Proctor
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Hi, I am Robert Proctor ( President of MultiSoft Corporation ( an MLM Software / Network Marketing Software provider located in Cape Coral, Florida.

Robert Proctor ( has been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for nearly 15 years and currently serves as President of MultiSoft Corporation ( Robert Proctor ( attributes his success to " working with" and "helping others" succeed by being more concerned about their welfare than that of his own; what goes around comes around is his mantra and it has served him well.

Since his foray onto the Internet in 1996, Robert Proctor ( became "addicted" to what is could afford individuals and businesses alike - "It leveled the playing field". Robert Proctor ( has been involved in the technology side of the Internet for nearly nine years and has helped launch 100's of Internet companies.

With a diverse background that includes public speaking, radio & television, advertising, business law, accounting & finance, banking, sales, customer service, compensation plan evaluation, network operations, and management coupled with 20 years of programming, Network Marketing and helping others achieve success is "the culmination of his life's work".

As President of MultiSoft Corporation (, an MLM Software provider to the network marketing industry located in Cape Coral Florida, Robert Proctor ( works with start-up MLM companies and existing multilevel marketing companies to help them achieve their goals and recognize their goals. Robert Proctor ( is the architect of MultiSoft's flagship product, MarketPowerPRO (, which interested companies can create free 3-day trials of the software at MLM Builder (

Call Robert Proctor at +1-239-945-6433 to speak with him personally.

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