Mathias Conradt
Managing Director
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28 Queen's Road Central
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Hong Kong
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Mathias Conradt, IT professional born 27.05.1978 in Hamburg/Germany, is founder and shareholder of SYSVISION Limited, Hong Kong.

After receiving his high school diploma in California, USA in 1996 and in Germany in 1998 he established his own e-business/new media company which he was successfully managing for 5 years (1998-2003) beside his studies of business informatics at the University of Hamburg. With the age of 20 was one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the Hamburg IT industry and is socially well connected to decision makers and other enterpreneurs in the IT/new media industry in Hamburg and Hong Kong.

In 01/2004 he joined SYSVISION GmbH which he served as managing director until 12/2005. The company employs 6 software engineers and works for national and international customers such as Lufthansa, Unilever, Dräger, META Group, Philips, Atos Origin. Core business is IT consulting and customized ERP- and ebusiness software solutions.
In 12/2005 he established the sister company SYSVISION Limited in Hong Kong.

During the past 7 years as a professional he gained profound practical experience in software engineering, project management as well as managing experience by establishing a software company with currently 6 employees.
His management responsibilities include controlling, project management, business development, marketing and sales, public relations, personnel development and team leadership. He has strong organisational, communication and interpersonal skills combined with the ability to deal with and adapt quickly to new situations, locations and people. He is a good linguist with extensive project experience.

Mathias' technological focus lies in Java, J2EE, web technologies and all state-of-the-art standards and tools for web development.

As a member of the regional computer society in Hamburg, Germany he was very active in the open source council and was able to position the company as a key player in this sector. Furthermore he is a speaker on topics regarding open source / free software.

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"Great works. Excellent quality. Fair pricing. Recommandable!"   


iKarma Bewertung: 99%
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"Auch wenn ich Herrn Conradt noch nicht persönlich getroffen habe, ist mein erster Eindruck gut.

Es zeichnet einen Menschen immer aus, wenn er mit offenen Augen durch die (Onlin-) Welt geht. Seine Hinweise können IKarma sicher weiterhelfen.



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SYSVISION Ltd. Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Very good quality, reliable and honest work (software project)."   

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