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G'day from Queensland, Australia.

I've been doing business online for 6 years now, and it has been a colourful adventure. One of the greatest advantages to working from home has been the flexibility and lifestyle choices I have for myself and my family.

The most important lesson I've learned in my journey is how important it is who you partner with in your business. Having great mentors who will guide you on the path to success is essential. The second most important lesson is choosing a plan and sticking with it. Nothing destroys a dream quicker than lack of focus.

May you achieve your dreams and enjoy the journey.

All the best,

Karen Caffrey

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adongo Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Hello my new friend,
Past is Experience! Present is Experiment! Future is Expectation! Use your Experience in your experiment to achieve your expectations!
My name is miss adongo,i am 24 years old girl,
You can reach me via e-mail bellow.
I'll give you my picture and tell you more about myself.
adongo kiss you.
Have a good day.
kiss me back at my email.i (adongo.adura01@yahoo.co.uk) am waiting for your reply soon,
adongo. "   


iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Joel Hamilton Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Hello Karen, I absolutely agree with you, you're success does completely depend on who you partner with.

I guess just like school.. If you wanna pass, keep away from the bad kids lol. surround yourself with positive people and the rest takes care of itself. Great work Karen.

Kindest Regards,

Joel Hamilton.



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Cheers, Joel. I agree with what you have shared in your Profile. All the best with your Social Marketing. Glad you're enjoying the "Game". All the best, Karen

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Crazy Foxes Marketing Group Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"I have had the pleasure of meeting Karen when I joined the Mentors In Motion Xooma Team to pursue my online business and internet marketing training. Karen has been an inspiration as she is passionate about success. She is kind, considerate, and has been willing to communicate and help in any way she can. I'm glad we are on the same team!"   

Tags: networking internet marketing home based business make money online Mentors in Motion Karen Caffrey xooma worldwide Brenda Franzo Details

iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Global Village International Outreach Ministries, Marketing & Information Services Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"I have had the pleasure working with Karen and her dynamic group of Internet Marketers, (Mentors In Motion). Karen is indeed very delightful and a true professional. I look forward to a very properous business relationship with Karen and her Xooma Worldwide Group.

Dr. Billi Dixon, DD"   

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iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Mel Kennon Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Thanks Karen for being there for the Xooma team ,I know if we need your help you will be there."   


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