Gloria Seckler
Mentor & Trainer
P.O. Box 8176
East Peoria, IL 61611
United States
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Who Is Gloria Seckler
Professional Online Trainer and Mentor

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me better and for letting me share with you how you too can become successful without spending thousands of dollars on mentoring and marketing...

I live in East Peoria, Illinois 61611. I have worked as a Counselor for many years but found myself needing to be home with my elderly Mother. She is 85 years. I find that nothing happens in Gods world by misstake, Absolutely nothing! This encouraged me to look at opportunities to be my own boss and be in control of my future. And so began my search for that “perfect” online home business. I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing when I started my search and because I am by nature a trusting person I was conned, mislead and ripped off over and over again. I have learned that the offers that promise instant wealth or wealth without any effort are just not true!


It is not as complicated as you think. You need 3 things – a product, a marketing system and a team of like minded, success oriented individuals.

The product - you need to offer a product that has some value for your customer and there needs to be a market or a need for the product you are offering. You need to research the company you are considering joining – How long have they been in business? Do they have a favorable track record?

Can you speak to real people with real phone numbers? Our team markets not only Amigo Health products which is debt free and has been in business for over 20 years, but also The Science of Getting Rich Home Seminar Series. This is the newest opportunity to hit the internet as the movie "The Secret" has been modeled after the book by Wallace D. Wattles and seen all over TV. Being shown on shows like Oprah and Larry King Live, amongst others, has inspired great interest in the basis of the book, the law of attraction.

The Marketing System – you need a way to market your product to the masses via the internet. Your marketing system needs to be affordable. You do not need to purchase leads and join several companies that offer auto responders and a means for you to get rich while charging you for each service they offer. Our team uses the Veretekk marketing system, a complete suite of marketing tools that includes premium lead generation, auto responders, lead tracking and live training. Purchasing leads or paying for auto responders is expensive and each of these methods is only a piece of the marketing that needs to be done to be successful. Veretekk offers everything you need. You can have your own Veretekk Marketing System.

The Team – XoomaWorldWide & Amigo Health, we have a team of like minded, success oriented individuals who share a common desire to help others. Our team strives to support and encourage the development of each team member. The personal development training is nothing short of life changing – and it is completely FREE! This is not just a training program. It is a real business. If you follow what we teach you, you will indeed have a successful, lucrative business. We offer you a bonus package in excess of $700 in cash value with our Scholarship program.

The Science of Getting Rich Home Seminar Series offers free lessons and a Free Affiliate Program. The tools and information this program offers will forever change your life.

I also have other marketing tools to promote my Travel Agency & veretekk. Everybody likes to take vacations. We sell recess and we make money from other people who travel and we save money when we travel. It is a win, win situation!

I appreciate your taking the time to get to know me and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person. As a token of my appreciation I have listed some FREE marketing tools below that are helpful for any type of business. I know I can help you create and build your internet marketing business. And realize your dreams!

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Gloria Seckler


Download Skype for Free, it's like instant messenger

http://skype.com then add me to your contacts

Skype id's – gloria.seckler

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iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Unbekannt Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Running a daycare can be very stressful. After the kids leave for the day all most people want to do is rest. But not Gloria. After the kids leave Gloria is on top of her Xooma business. She attends all the training and don't mind stepping up to help the next person. I'm proud that Gloria is part of our xooma team. Keep up the great work!!!!!!"   


iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Dave Freed Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Gloria, Gloria, halleluiah....Amen!!!
Gloria and I are members of the World Famous "Mentors in Motion" - Xooma Team.

Just in case you don't know Gloria let me tell you a little about what I know about her.

1. She runs a Daycare,
That alone tells us that Gloria is a very special lady, who possesses Patience, Love, Disapline, and most of all the Will To Work Hard Day after Day.

2. Even after a long day with little persons,
She still finds energy to wo"   mehr...

Tags: marketing internet personal development Water Friend mentoring xooma network marketing law of attraction Success Coach alternative health internet mentor the secret network marketing professional internet marketing trainer Gloria Seckler Dave Freed networking internet marketing Details

iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Accountemps Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Gloria has a daycare that keeps her pretty busy, but it doesn't stop her from working very hard on
her Xooma business. She attends all the trainings and applies what is taught. With her attitude
and passion she will achieve the success she deserves.

Tags: networking training success xooma Candice Hampton Gloria Seckler Details

iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Cindy Bolley Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Gloria is a delight, she really is. I know Gloria from a our mutual association with Xooma.
We both market on the fastest growing team Xooma has, MIM Team Xooma.
No one on our Team is more excitable and as energetic as Gloria. She is always so happy to help.
It has been a pleasure to have met Gloria. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with her."   


iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Karen Weir Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Gloria Seckler is a very valuable member of our marketing team. She is a little lady with a HUGE heart! Gloria works harder than anyone I know, and she is making incredible strides in her business. Gloria is very creative and one of the most positive people you'll ever meet. If you wish to do business with someone who really cares, who is honest and genuine, you cannot go wrong with Gloria.

Karen Weir
MIM Xooma Team Leader"   


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