Vessie Cottrell
Independent Bussiness Owner
Los Angeles, CA 
United States
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(661) 998-5220  Work
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Working from home and promoting the best home business! Very excited and passionate about helping people building their business to achieve their dreams!I am looking for a few people who want to join me and create something special.Are you interested?


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Zeda Spiegel Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"I have had the pleasure of working with Vessie as we begin building leadership teams for the new Trump Network, Donald Trump's new company, here in Los Angeles.
She is beautiful, smart, funny, warm, professional & more than a little driven. Just the kind of exotic woman Mr. Trump likes to have around.
Well, I like working with her and having her around too. Here is to breaking all records. Anyone you chose to work with you, they are in for a superior treat!!
Kudos to Vessie!!"   

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Unbekannt Erteilte Bewertung: *****

You are a true inspiration to all of us here at ITV, your knowledge, guidence, support and compassion is what trully sets you apart from others.

Thank you for being my partner.



iKarma Bewertung: 100%
Holly Blochowitz Erteilte Bewertung: *****
"Hi Vessie,

It is great to see your iKarma profile! You are such a true leader and I value you as a top ITV Ventures IBO. More importantly though I value you as a friend, the world be a wonderful place if everyone was as friendly and helpful as you!

ITV Ventures Platinum Charter Founder "   

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